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Create a website with ready-made blocks & human designer

Collaborate with your team. Here, the CEO and Marketing manager work together. Get help from our Web strategists and grow.

Mini-CRM, gather your leads and contacts in Snowfire

A treat for entrepreneurs and financial managers who want to streamline their workday. Follow up on customer journeys.

Create a unique webshop where every click turns into a sale

Master your finances with everything integrated. Sell everything - courses, books, tickets, subscriptions, gift cards and more.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level online? 

Many believe that the secret is in adding more technology and integrations, but this only leads to a more complex website, vulnerable system, and time-consuming administration. Do you really have the time and energy to sift through hundreds of integrations and keep them up-to-date? We know you'd rather focus on running your business and creating value.

That's why we created Snowfire Magnet - the platform that simplifies everything for you and your team. It's like having a Swiss Army knife for your business hub, with everything you need in one place.

Here, you and your team can easily manage your website, collect leads, sell products, and share social media posts - all with minimal hassle. And with the support of the Snowfire Design Community, help is always just a click away.

Thousands of websites, thousands of happy customers

Snowfire is the future of websites. It is the simplest and most flexible tool I have ever worked with. Unlike WordPress, which I’ve used before, Snowfire does not require you to update a thousand plug-ins.

Everything in Snowfire is much more modern. You just need to learn the mindset as all parts work consistently. It is intuitive, and working with the drag-and-drop blocks is clear and simple. 

We have websites in different languages, and they are quick to administer; it does not take a whole day to make changes. 

Our agency, Beegleton, is absolutely the best as our helping hand.

Kristina Hagstedt

You've created a really awesome service! This is the next level!

Sevve Saberi AIK Hockey

I love working in Snowfire. As a communicator, I like structure, content and writing. It's so easy and visual selecting which blocks I want to add. I can concentrate on good structure and writing my text.

Anna Amnéus

You have created an online store that is exactly what my customers wants.

Lillian Ljungberg

I immediately felt that this was exactly what I needed—user-friendly and modern thinking. The platform is logically easy. Now I nerd out a little, but we talk incessantly about it at work. It is difficult if you do not share the same perspective as your clients.

We have just switched from Snowfire Classic to Magnet to work more with our leads and create events with landing pages and forms where visitors can take action directly on this. The best thing about Snowfire is that it's innovative. The platform is constantly evolving and meets my needs as a marketer over time.

Angelica Wistbo Nibell

One of our associations was on Snowfire. They showed it to me and I was sold. As a student union we have a lot people involved, and many coming and going as time moves on, all needing to use the same system simultaneously. The core values of Snowfire to me is a clear layout and to have people in focus. I love talking to the support team from within the app. They understand, are forthcoming and everything is solved quickly. To me Snowfire is like a solid foundation, free to fill with everything you want and to grow along with. Simply put it's like a living system.

Oscar Wiik

I'm impressed with Snowfire as a platform, the website that was built with it was visually appealing and easy to navigate right from the beginning.

Eva Adeen Läkarmissionen

The Snowfire platform is so flexible and easy to work with. I appreciate that the development team sees and cares about the important details.

Jonatan Westerback

Get our thoughts on how to create a more humane web & app development

With a website from Snowfire, you can avoid cookies. 

Made in Sweden - a Swedish GDPR compliant platform. We put Privacy first and don't collect unnecessary data. Forget pop-ups for cookies that disrupt your visitors, they are not needed with a website from Snowfire.

Are you designing converting websites – Join us!

Snowfire Design Community is the group for agencies driven by ethical values and daring to think outside the box. Simplify your workday with our platform Snowfire Magnet - the all-in-one solution. We share knowledge and money in a more humane business model.