3 keys to converting website traffic

Did you know that the average visitor only stays for about 4-8 seconds before clicking away? Have you ever given thought as to what determines if they stay or go? 

As we only have a maximum of 8 seconds to deliver value, the first 10 centimeters of your page is critical for conversion. Here are secret hacks for transforming a mediocre webpage into a highly-converting one. 

With many years of experience and thousands of customers on our platform, the connections became clear. As it turns out, it doesn't depend on which industry you're in but rather if you follow these three universal keys for good website design, which are: 

1) Be concise

10 cm (or less depending on device) is what a first time viewer will see of your page. For a good first impression your text needs to be clear, concise and to-the-point. There is no time for long explanations.

2) Captivate your audience with these three emotions

Hopefully it’s quite clear now that in a split second (or 8) your potential customer will make the decision to either leave or continue reading on your page.

This decision is not made by rational thinking, but by emotions.
What does your audience need to feel?

  1. I trust this website
  2. This message speaks to me directly and I know I've come to the right place
  3. I'm curious and want to know more

3) Make use of CTA-blocks

Making maximum use of the given 10 cm's is the game to be played, and that is precisely what our CTA-blocks (Call To Action) is all about. As the name suggests, they encourage your potential customers to interact directly with your website and to take action now, converting them into real customers and new followers. One single block in Snowfire can instantly make your webpage highly-converting.

We have several types of CTA-blocks, to suit all your needs. At the end of this text we showcase our three most popular styles and how to use them effectively. They are all highly customizable, either by editing each block separately or all at once from the main design settings (Appearance) at the top of the page.

Use these CTA-blocks on the top of your website and you will soon know the difference they can make:

CTA-block 1: Video

Adds a full screen video where you can tell your story in a matter of seconds. It's a good way to raise interest and to collect email addresses. The block comes with a button to link to your product, service or form. 

Insert a concise and self-explanatory headline here

And write a tempting subtitle. One that appeals to the desires of your audience, which you and your service can provide for them.

CTA-block 2: Image & card

This is our most popular CTA-block of them all, as it is clean and classic. Choose and add a profound image to be displayed in full screen, along with the transparent card to raise the readers curiosity with a compelling copy. The button provides an easy redirect to further reading. 

Unleash your creative powers and start working in a new way

Are you a designer? Join our design community as a designer and socialize with like-minded people. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your skills and earn recurring revenue. 

CTA-block 3: Image Slider

Why be limited to only having one CTA at the top of your page? With the slider-block you can create a slideshow to display several CTA's at once. 

  • A profound headline

    Write a full-flavored and interesting subtitle, to arouse your visitors curiosity

    A CTA-button
  • Unleash your creative powers

    Our ambition is to help entrepreneurs and company's who are driven by passion and craftsmanship

  • Design with emotion

    Our ambition is to help entrepreneurs and company's who are driven by passion and craftsmanship

Contact a designer for specialized CTA-blocks

Now you know the basics about CTA-blocks and can easily get started yourself. However, if you're looking for professional help with branding, images, copywriting and how to set the right vibe for your website, don't hesitate to contact a designer from within the Snowfire design community. Together we have lot's of experience and successful stories in helping our customers grow online. 

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Ditte Hammarström has a long background as Art Director, both in her homeland of Sweden as well as internationally. She loves user-driven design and feels good when helping entrepreneurs to succeed online. Ditte is one of the founders of the Snowfire design community where marketers, designers and developers can work together in growing their business on the Snowfire platform.