6 week course: Design for the user for Front end developers at Hyper Island 2020/21

A huge thanks to all you amazing 14 Industry Leaders that so wholeheartedly gave the Hyper Island students your precious time, shaping this years Frontend developer talents with real life experience and the latest from the Industry. The course "Design for the user" and six intense weeks of hands on UI/UX are completed.

Seminarier och Workshops:

Design for the user. Develop for the browser.
Yuliya Demchenko, H&M & Rafael Youakeem, Instabox

Building with blocks for consistency and scale: A Figma case study
Andrea Helmbolt, Figma HQ

Coding blocks using a design system (HTML/Tailwind)
Emil Sundberg, Snowfire

From design silos to design doing
Didier Chincholle, Ericsson

One Ericsson Design: EDS
Laura Moreno, Ericsson

EDS walkthrough

Juan Greco, Ericsson

Users first. EDS and user research
Eilis Delany, Ericsson

Designing with words: A guide to writing for design systems
Eston Tay, Ericsson

Design and AI as an inspiring partner
Ahmed Ali B, Ericsson

Building and maintaining trust in the donation atmosphere
Elise Hammarström, Octany & Ignacio Varas, Cancerfonden

How designers can design behaviors
Patrik Forsberg, Hyper Island

Planning a Design system
Design thinking
Ditte Hammarström, Snowfire

Mastering code, design, teamwork, client, problem solving, iteration for sustainability for customers (and this year also pandemics and holidays in addition to that) and then presenting a wonderful result is not the easiest thing. The students have done an excellent job this year.

Course coordinator: Patrik Forsberg, Hyper Island.
The course "Design for the user" is created by Snowfire for Hyper Island.

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