A book about the love of snow

Selected Snowfire website: www.slowskiing.eu
Skiing is an activity were you always need to be present and in balance. When we are always moving quickly, we rush past things that could be important: nature, friends, flavours, scents and culture.

Since we have previously used Snowfire for our company's website, www.erwald.se, it felt natural to use Snowfire again. We wanted the website for the book to have its own expression that matched the book both in form and feel. We chose to continue using our turquoise profile color but also added a red signal color, says Mats Erwald. 

Sofie Niväng, Fixel design studio was commissioned to produce the website. The website had to gradually grow in parallel with the book being designed.

The design of the website was done with joint efforts where Sofie was responsible for user-friendliness, mobile adaptation, layout, image selection and design of interfaces.

We had a large selection of photos to choose from taken by renowned adventure photographers. The typography was adapted to get a similar feel as in the book but with the best adaptation for screens in different formats and environments.

The collaboration with Sofie was tight and it happened several times that we sat together connected and discussed while Sofie worked in real time in Snowfire and tried our common ideas.

Design by:
Cecilia Erwald
Sofie Niväng

Photo: AdamErwald
Skiier: JaquesDeFlon