Conversion Jam - Scandinavia's Growth Event

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Conversion Jam - Scandinavia's Growth Event.
Two half days of JAM, will give you the ins and outs of growth & conversion

About making the CJAM event page.
The designer behind the website, Alena Eickhölter from Germany, says:

- Well, CJAM had their identity for a lot of years and had a heritage. I didn't want to change the logo too much. It is all about the feeling of a JAM session and an underground movement. It has been a challenge to have a balance and to keep that "fun factor" but make it more modern. For me, I need to think about how I can give the user a fun experience.

I really want a user to be able to get the whole picture in one glimpse. Basically, I am not into fancy design with background images, videos etcetera. I want the user to be able to walk through the page and do what they came for. They are here to buy a ticket.

Well, my background might be a bit different from other designers. I focus on user flow. I love human behaviour and as a child I was super interested in how people behave in a group. I was lucky to be able to study sociology at Bielefeld University that is known for providing high-quality, research-oriented teaching and I loved it.

Being a sociologist the range of where you can work is wide. For me, I went into UX design and did my internship as a UX designer in an Agency and soon moved into visual design.

Now working at Conversionista, we are a lot of people from different fields and we all learn from each other. Here there are more hands on experts in CRO and user research that know exactly what they do.

Alena, why should people buy a ticket for Conversion Jam?
- Well, you know, the speakers are really the best in this field - that is what makes the JAM.