Designs that attract

Who do you want to attract? It’s all about getting the customer to identify with the feeling of a brand and a product. We consume with our eyes, and just like in real life, where we dress to fit into different groups and contexts, we must also think in terms of who we are going to meet when we create our website.

To stand out from the crowd a company requires a profile, a logo and a tone consistent with its target audience. It's easy to create a website, but do you know why and what your website is for? Just being on the Internet helps no-one and no-one will buy that amazing invention/product/service if it comes in an ugly package.

In order to build a strong and uniform brand, all businesses need a logo; one that should be in the same form on the Internet as it is in print. If you can’t design this yourself, it’s fine to enlist the help of an advertising agency or a graphic designer to create both the design and tone that will attract the right audience. They will help you to determine what your customer group finds attractive.

That the design is important doesn’t mean that all companies should have the most attractive and most modern design. It’s more important that your company has a design that exudes what your company sells or makes.  So, for example, this means that a company that sells discount products needs a graphic identity that projects price consciousness.

Companies that have got their branding right have a head start on their competitors. This is one of the best investments that you as a company can make, because without clear direction you will never take your proper place online. A fully-developed plan for working with form and colour is the key to being really sharp on the Internet and to start living your dream.

Ditte Hammarström has a background as an art director at advertising agencies both in Sweden and UK. She is passionate about user-driven design and to help entrepreneurs succeed online. Ditte is one of the founders of Snowfire design community, where agencies and developers collaborate on the Snowfire platform to help businesses grow online.