Get out of your hamster gear suit

When the hamster wheels slow down and we get time for reflection, it becomes increasingly clear that old truths no longer apply.

We were asked: how is it possible that we can maintain multiple technical platforms and support so many customers? The answer is simple: the technology we have built does the work for us. Since 2012, we have deliberately built our platforms so that they create a more enjoyable everyday life for us, our colleagues in the community and our mutual customers.

Snowfire – a different business model

We work with exciting technology and solve complicated problems, but what we ourselves enjoy the most is actually our business model for the Snowfire Design Community. We have slowly fine-tuned this ecosystem over several years. We wanted a way of life where we people have time to be more creative and free. Our platforms are built to give more people a better working day.

We in the community simply had a need to wake up every morning and feel the joy of going to work. The business model is based on pure psychology and on the knowledge we have about us humans and how our brains work.

Entrepreneur in the technology industry

In the technology industry we operate in, the usual game plan often looks like this. If you are a startup, you need to succeed within 3-5 years. You need to get investors who pay for the app development, salaries and marketing, who want to make money from your and your friends' brains and who sometimes (but not always) have an influence on what decisions you make.

But it can also be the case that you yourself are the investor and need to hire the right people who know different parts of what you want to build and then keep track of everything going according to plan. Your technology must be unique and constantly updated.

Now you have to grow the fastest to be a winner and get the visibility you need to increase further, hire more, and create visibility in a constantly ongoing movement. High turnover gives status; many employees give status.

But the question is: didn't you quit your job and start running a business precisely because you wanted to get off the hamster wheel and escape the stress? Is there a different way?

Think long-term

We think so. Since 2012 we have built an ecosystem to grow businesses via the web. If we dare to think completely new, circular and long-term, we can change our own everyday life. We can become our best selves and have the privilege of working together with others who are driven, full of expectations and feel meaning when they go to work. Energy breeds energy and we boost each other.

Driven designers, developers and business builders gather in the Snowfire Design community. Together, we have created a living space where we can pursue our deep interests in SEO, design and web development. Our and our customers' workplace is our joint platform Snowfire.

We have created our own circular model where the person who "does" earns money, and the better "doer" you are, the more money is created for you - not for any shareholder, manager or owner of the technology. As a self-employed person, you choose your everyday life and your time.

We believe that passionate people who work together dare to be more creative and in the long run create better solutions for their customers. Read our story here.

Three ways to create a new truth

What would happen if you looked up and focused on your own time, the interaction with others and the amount of money you need to feel good? This is what we have come up with in our industry.

#1 Time - think long-term and sustainably

3-5 years and quick cash no longer apply here. We need to work methodically to build sustainable digital platforms that will last for a long time. We need to think in decades and plan for the workplaces of the future. Read more about our approach to sustainable apps here.

#2 Number - think small teams

Many employees are no longer a measure of success. Enterprising entrepreneurs with high commitment in smaller-sized teams create more, better and more creative solutions.

#3 High turnover - measure your own quality of life instead

We need to stop building castles in the air. What does your turnover measure? A good measure of healthy finances in a company is to have a "lagom" turnover per employee. If you make more, reinvest and share.

New times need new business models

It is incredible what innovative technology and skilled entrepreneurs, when mixed, generate: money for their companies, for each other and for their customers. Together, we provide growth and visibility for more and more companies in Sweden, Finland, Portugal, etc. Are you an experienced website creator who wants to grow while also helping others? Check us out and read about what is included.

In a gloomy time of pandemics and wars, it is easy to start thinking about how life can be lived more consciously. This solution may not be right for everyone, but hopefully, we can give you some inspiration so that you can stop where you are, step out of your "hamster wheel suit" and start tailoring your reality into a true comfort garment in the way you need to feel well.

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