Influence your visibility on Google

One of the most common questions we get on Snowfire is how to rank higher on Google. It has evolved an entire industry of consultants and companies who all want to help you capture traffic from Google. This is called search engine optimization or SEO.

Often we talk about appear high on Google, but it is also important to consider how your ad looks in Google search results.

The text in blue is referred to as the as meta title. The text below is called meta description. Consider how you use google to search for information. What makes you click on certain pages while you choose not to click on other pages? Here you have an excellent opportunity to choose exactly what your visitors should see.

Keyword in the title for search engines

It is important to find the correct keyword for each page you create. A keyword can be a product name, service, personal brand etc. which you want your potential customers to use in order to find you when they google with a phrase which contains the keyword. The meta title (the blue link on Google) is your ad on Google. Make sure it includes your keywords and looks attractive. These keywords should preferably also appear in titles and text on the page.  The instruction which you give to Google is that "This page is about [Keyword]" when you use the word in the title. Don't forget that you are always writing for humans, always choose a better phrase even if it contains less of your keywords. 


You don't necessarily need to use your keywords in the description, the idea is to briefly summarize what the page is about for a potential visitor. The description doesn't always appear since Google may find a better description based on what the user is searching for.


Google shows a maximum of 69 characters of the page's title and 156 characters of the description. For detailed information on the use of meta title and meta description, Google has published a guide for web masters.

Smart SEO with Snowfire

We are aware that SEO is important in order to generate traffic for your page and therefore Snowfire automatically optimizes your pages. This means that if you write a blog article about "How you can create brilliant web pages" then we automatically place this title and the name of your company in the meta title. We also create the address with the format which makes it easy for Google to understand what the article is about.  Those of you who have had time to acquire knowledge of SEO and actively work with driving traffic to your page will quickly realize how this tiny automatic feature facilitates both users and your potential visitors, and how Google views you - pretty smart, right? Of course you can also continue to choose meta title or meta description yourself by going to the settings of the page and filling in the page name for search engines and description for search engines and then the automatic texts will be replaced with your texts. 

Emil Sundberg is the CEO who lives his passion, developing useful applications to help others. Emil is one of the founders of Snowfire design community, where agencies and developers collaborate to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses online.