Jury member 2 – "Creative idea fountain with a 'we'll fix it' attitude!"

I am drawn to cool design. I feel good when I can work with a creative client and be a part of Snowfire, working with other skilled designers and developers – working together and helping each other.

Five Short Questions

When did you create your first website?
PC or Mac?
Favorite tool?
Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, Canva
Favorite drink while working?
Favorite font right now?
Montserrat light

Tell us a bit more about yourself

A Combo of Design and Freedom
Why web? Here, I felt I could combine my interest in design and aesthetics with the freedom to work wherever I want.

Strengthens the client's brand
There’s so much that’s fun about this profession. If I were to mention a few things, it’s that I get to help others build something from scratch. Yes, everything with the creative part where colors and shapes find their place and that feeling when I get exactly the right design.

The Shape, the Clients, the Community in Snowfire
I love being creative in the digital world, creating designs that strengthen the client's brand is the most fun thing there is! I also have the opportunity to work with other talented designers and developers in Snowfire – together we solve most things!

Environment, Gender Equality & Animal Rights
It's hard to choose a dream project, but it would be fantastic to work on the branding for a company or organization that fights for the environment, gender equality, or animal rights - my passions!

Jury member Snowfire Awards 2023

See all nominated websites for 2023

A big thank you to everyone who has nominated their websites and submitted comments. At the end of February, it's time for the jury to judge all the entries based on four criteria: Design Experience, User-Friendliness, Copywriting and Audience Adaptation.

The Snowfire Design Awards 2023 celebrates what designers, developers, marketers create together. It is a mark of quality for our work in creating secure business hubs for entrepreneurs who want to attract more customers through their websites.