Jury member 3 – The Tech-savvy designer

The best part of my profession is that all meetings with clients are positive. I get invited to a team in a client organization (Board, marketing department, etc.) and then it's my job to lead them into the 'new and exciting' in their company. I represent here what they long to become.

Five Short Questions

When did you create your first website?
PC or Mac?
Favorite tool?
Adobe XD and Figma
Favorite drink while working?
Favorite font right now?
Silka, by the Spanish studio Atipo Foundry. Silka is like the 18th-century Baskerville reinterpreted by Paratypes.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

A blend of art school and Berghs
I am a tech-savvy designer, which is unusual. I have often held the CEO position in an agency, so I've done most things. Because I am versatile, many feel secure with me. I am like a creative blend of art school and Berghs.

Comfortable both within and beyond boundaries
Over the years, I've come to understand that I have an advantage in not minding chaos, that I always see and can highlight the potential in disorder. I also like it when conditions become difficult and get excited about challenges such as limitations in budget or in a graphic profile that is difficult (not particularly good) but needs to be preserved.

On the Web, Functions Are Visible Immediately
I like the directness of the web, that you make functions that are immediately visible and can be changed after launch.

Electrified Semi-trucks
If I were to choose a future client or industry to work with? Well, I would like to do service design for electrified semi-trucks, or why not a music service or a travel community?

Jury member Snowfire Awards 2023

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