Jury member 4 – Confident storyteller

The most fun part of this job is that I get to meet a lot of exciting people who are often very good at what they do, but not so good at conveying it. I help them to be clear. I like to take difficult and incomprehensible subjects and clarify them.

Five Short Questions

When did you create your first website?
PC or Mac?
Favorite tool?
Favorite drink while working?
Favorite font right now?
Palatino (classic, personal, friendly but takes up space)

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Total responsibility over the tone
My thing is that I like to tell stories, I am a copywriter, author, behavioral scientist. I love to incorporate humor into it all, preferably with a bit of self-distance. The best thing I know is when I get to write the texts for websites. I want to delve deep and take total responsibility for the tone.

I put words
I like to take difficult and incomprehensible subjects and clarify them. It can be a client who has an outdated expression in their brand, and I take it and present it in a new way. The visual identity is clarified and suddenly becomes target group adapted, fun, and modern.

Serious entrepreneurs have a website
Why Web? Everyone who is serious must have a website, it's such a showcase. How can you work without being on the web? It's the important, fundamental marketing channel.

Opening up to new customer groups
One client we had was the Royal Opera, and when they came to us, it was "buxom ladies singing," and when we were finished, we had lowered the thresholds and opened up for entirely new customer groups. We changed, among other things, "Honored audience" to "Reserve your spot!"
I am happy when I get to work with Circus as performing art. We had a client where we could present circus in a completely different way with world artists and an international arena

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