Jury member 5 – Unpretentious visionary and brand builder

I often see the potential that the client doesn't see. This is important, if you do it wrong from the beginning, it sticks with you the day your business grows. There's too much tunnel vision in some industries. Change and look with new eyes at how others communicate and dare to try something new.

Five Short Questions

When did you create your first website?
PC or Mac?
Mac every day of the week
Favorite tool?
Favorite drink while working?
Favorite font right now?
Tenor Sans for headlines, it has character and is elegant yet easy to read

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Continue Building Brands
I've always worked with brands and identities, and creating websites became a way to continue building brands. The web is so creative to work with. It's a part of brand building.

Understanding the Value of a Website
It says a lot about a company's values if they understand the importance of having a website built the right way. It's a must if you work with innovative solutions. The website should be credible and reflect your company.

I See the Potential That the Client Doesn't
The best part of this profession is getting the trust to start building a company often from scratch. I've always traveled and lived abroad, and I see the big picture. Not just here and now, but I develop brand concepts for companies so they can expand in the future too.

The Importance of Being Humble
When you're given such trust to create entire company identities from scratch, it's important to be humble. There can be large investments involved and you need to guide everything correctly. But the feedback you get when you succeed is fantastic, it's oxygen, I can almost live on it :) I am unpretentious in my work, sometimes I make mistakes, then I have to redo and get it right.

Creating a Lifestyle
A dream project I got to develop was an entire bar concept for a client. I had a hunch that the way young people have changed their drinking at bars in the USA was also coming to Sweden.

I was given free rein to create the entire concept. Here, the drink is the thing, and you can choose with or without alcohol. Young people want to come to a more elegant bar, where everyone can fit in, a sleek, retro feeling - a lifestyle. Here I did everything from concept to execution. The concept, the logo, the interior. I created the entire brand. This bar concept works just as well in Portugal, New York, or Sweden.

I Have Designed Some Houses
I've been able to do my dream projects and build whole brand concepts. But sure, I have a fondness for certain industries like restaurants, interior design, product design, and architecture. I am a product designer and yes, I have also designed some houses.

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