Jurymedlem 7 – Graphic Designer, mother of dragons, lover of all things feminine and retro, yet totally badass

Opposites attract, I really like when I can bring the analog world into the website. I incorporate textures and handmade things into a website.

Five Short Questions

When did you create your first website?
PC or Mac?
Favorite tool?
Adobe XD
Favorite drink while working?
Favorite font right now?

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Finding beauty in things
I really like the feeling when someone is really happy with the work I do. I think it's finding beauty in things and create a very enjoyable experience for people. I want to bring joy to that person, even if it's not a life-saving surgery.

Opposite attracts
Because it's a mix between to sides of my work that I love wich is technology and arts. This mix transforms into something creative. Opposites attracts, I really like when I can bring the analog world to the website. I bring textures and handmade stuff to a digital Area.

I enjoy stationary design
I think I would love to do production design for movies, like for Sofia Coppola och Wes Anderson doing all that objects that are in the movie to look like a specifik era or create a mood. I also enjoy stationary design. There's something special about the limitations in that field. It is a luxury to recieve a hand written letter.

Relaxed environment with a very young crowd
I've been working for this coffee place, a Danish concept about enjoying the slow side in life. I am redesigning a lot of their branding products. There's a lot of possibilities to doing fun things because it's a very relaxed environment with a very young crowd.

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