One-click soft animations

Now everyone can create content that softly slides in and works nicely on both computers and phones. With a single click, you can turn the animation on or off. Well-made, subtle animations on a website create a soft and comfortable reading experience.

Everyone remembers the extreme fades, swirls, and transitions from when PowerPoint was new. Hey, we don’t want to go there again, but we can take with us the lessons that we and our clients have learned about how content can be enhanced on a website.

One-click soft animations

1. Globally, on your entire website, click on "Appearance" and switch on or off to activate soft animations.
2. For a single block, click on "Design" in the right-hand corner of the block and switch on or off to activate soft animations

Get started with animations

Click on "Appearance" and switch on or off to activate soft animations 😎.

Create custom-made blocks with HTML / CSS

If you want to design tailor-made blocks with HTML / CSS, we have you covered as well. Anything can always be done 🥊.
Code your own block on your clients’ platforms with prepared animations exactly how you want them. This is awesome for creating tailor-made websites. Check it out here developer docs, and send us tips on more animations you would like to have.

Test it for free. We do not save personal data.