Röstbolaget's 10 years with a website on Snowfire

The musician and voice teacher Ulrika Zettersten has had websites hosted on Snowfire for more than 10 years. About a year ago, she decided to enlist the help of Caisa Nyman from Ella Production to upgrade from Snowfire Classic to Snowfire Magnet, the new platform launched in 2021.

Why does Ulrika choose Snowfire? And what does Caisa do? Here are the stories of Ulrika and Caisa.

Caisa and Ulrika were interviewed separately to prevent their responses from influencing each other. Their answers have been woven together into a combined post.

Ulrika, tell us about yourself and Röstbolaget?

My company, Röstbolaget, trains companies, organizations, and individuals to succeed in communicative challenges. Your voice and your body language are your strongest assets. What you want to say is important, but how you say it can make all the difference. I conduct training sessions on this topic.

I am a singer who moved from Hälsingland to Stockholm and trained as a musician, vocal coach, and logonomist, which means how to enhance your voice and use your body language.

I have a band with fantastic musicians, and we have been together for a long time. And since the contexts and music assignments vary, as well as the type of genre—jazz, pop, soul, or others—we sometimes perform as a trio, sometimes a duo, and sometimes a full band.

For example, this Sunday, I have a duo gig with pianist and singer Anna Landström. I feel very fortunate to be able to work in this free way.

You've had your website through Snowfire for over 10 years, why did you choose Snowfire in the first place?

There were artist sites online, but when I and a friend started Röstbolaget, I felt that now was the time for a website, now I needed to invest.

So, I looked for someone who could help me with my own website, and a good friend recommended a designer who advised building everything in Snowfire. I contacted their support to learn more. It immediately felt like a family. It was easy to talk, and I got good responses. I especially liked that I could easily manage the website myself.

At that time, I needed two different websites. I was running Röstbolaget with another person and I also needed a website for myself as a musician.

You chose to upgrade from Snowfire Classic to the new Snowfire Magnet about a year ago?

We parted ways in the company and I took over Röstbolaget and needed to make changes. I'm not someone who changes things often, and this was about switching platforms, but when the advantages were explained to me, I felt it was time to move forward and upgrade to Snowfire Magnet.

During a video call with support, I received advice on how to think about the website, what would be economically best for me. I have been with them for a long time and here I felt seen and heard. It felt safe and simple.

They sent me some names of designers who they thought had time and would fit what I wanted to do.

The first person I contacted was Caisa, at Ella Production tells Ulrika and we just clicked right away.

I immediately saw the advantages for her to switch to Snowfire Magnet, says Caisa. It would be so much faster to build pages and become design-wise cleaner. For me, who has always built in Snowfire Magnet, it was also interesting to see how Snowfire Classic is built.

Here we wanted to create a sleek and targeted website where both Ulrika as a musician and her company Röstbolaget could be featured, tells Caisa. Röstbolaget primarily holds training sessions so we created a layout where all courses have the same design so they are easy to find and choose between.

Creating the right page is a collaboration, tells Caisa. Ulrika's previous page contained too much text. I listened to what she wanted to keep, we bounced ideas. On the pages about Ulrika as a musician, I wanted to convey the warm feeling that Ulrika as a person radiates through colors and style.

We had simple and smooth communication via teams and email. I created a first draft of the website which Ulrika proofread and then we made some adjustments to achieve the final result. For me, the most important thing is that the client feels 110% satisfied.

We laughed a lot, the personal chemistry was just right, says Ulrika. With Caisa, nothing is stuck, it moves fast. If I have an idea, she has tried to fix it. She listened to both what I asked for and gave me suggestions, like, do you think it could be like this? She quickly found the colors that I like, rust red, gray-green, and then she picked it up and laid it all out more nicely.

Caisa, how do you leverage your clients' brands?

– It depends a bit on who the client is, the type of company, their industry, and target audience. The website should represent the company. My first meeting is often about identifying the target audience of the website. Then I get a feel for the client, what are their thoughts, what freedom do I have to work with in creating their website? I listen in, how do they want to present themselves, do they want a personal touch?

It is usually at our second meeting that I come up with ideas. Yes, because that is why they hire me, to get some different input and find the best solutions to reach the chosen target audience.

Caisa, what is unique about working with you?

In my brand, I present myself as "your personal web designer" because that's the feeling I want my clients to have; a personal approach that allows you as a client to relax.

Building a website is a creative process that we do together - it should be fun, relaxed, and easy to work with me. Many times, I have clients who want to completely hand over the design task, and of course, that works great too.

It's more fun if we're not just client and supplier. I easily become friends with my clients. It's always simple and a creative journey that we undertake together. I drive the work while you as a client are always involved, I solve it for you.

I have an eye for design, but I also see the strategic importance of identifying the client's unique selling points, and then I build up the function and design so that their customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Snowfire has a large number of customers who have been with them from the start, many for more than 12 years, which is unusual in the web industry where websites often have a much shorter lifespan. How come?

Ulrika: "I feel taken care of"

– Speaking from my own experience, says Ulrika, I feel taken care of by you. Whenever I have contacted you, I have received a quick response. I juggle many balls in the air, and it's important that the website isn't complicated. I'm not a "hacker," and the fact that I can make changes easily myself without needing help is very valuable to me.

Caisa: "I get an AHA moment with my clients"

– It's so nice to hand over a website created in Snowfire to my clients, says Caisa. I always get an AHA moment... oh, is it that simple? For me, it's crystal clear why they stay with Snowfire. Here, everything is simple and fun. Many clients have used other platforms before and they quickly notice the difference.

That Snowfire is a completely Swedish, GDPR-compliant platform affects your choice of platform?

– Well, I can't say more than I know who is behind Snowfire, says Caisa. I know where the servers are located, that they are within the EU. I've looked at other platforms where I can't see what they do and who owns them, but I have high trust in Snowfire. It is a fully Swedish, GDPR-compliant platform and that makes me feel safer and dare to promise more to my clients.

– Yes, absolutely, says Ulrika, GDPR compliance is important and for me, there is a closeness in it being Swedish.

How do you use your website to get more customers?

– I include it everywhere," Ulrika explains. "It's included when I write to someone and when I conduct training sessions. 

I usually give twelve tips for the voice, and then I include it at the end of my presentation so that anyone who needs can get in touch and learn more about my courses.

Caisa, you have been part of Snowfire's design community for about two years. Tell us a bit about why and what it means for you in your creation when you meet a client?

The main thing is the community, having others to lean on. It's fantastic to have colleagues while I run my own company. We share tips with each other. There are such skilled developers in the group, and I can always get help when my client needs something extra.

For those who want to create a website with me and want to collect leads for sending newsletters, well, I can offer a complete solution to my clients. For example, I'm currently working with a new client who needs newsletters and wants to set up Connect. It's always possible to start simple and then scale up as the client grows.

What would you like us at Snowfire to have more of in the future?

I really appreciate that it's a person I meet and who answers my questions," Ulrika explains. "I value that very highly. Continue with your availability and how quick you are to respond. That's what I want to keep in the future."

– I also would like more courses aimed at us who are your customers, and maybe some fun offers for us who have been with you for a long time. We could have a meeting at your place and networking among the companies that all use Snowfire for their websites, maybe?

Finally, what is the best thing about Snowfire?

– Snowfire Magnet is such an easy-to-use platform, says Ulrika, I don't need to get stuck in complicated things and lose my enthusiasm, and I know I can contact Caisa anytime.

– Here I get the opportunity to develop my business along with others. We in the design community are a great team that creates complete solutions, that must be unique, says Caisa.

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