Snowfire design community on Scandinavia's largest small business exhibition: Eget Företag

The Snowfire boot was crowded with Entrepreneurs at the biggest fair in the Nordic region for SME, Eget Foretag on 3-5 October. Entrepreneurs could book 15 minutes with a design expert and get help creating their own website or start an online store. Our partnering friends and advertising agencies worked in shifts.

Extremely fun but little time to eat lunch for the crew :)  Together we personally met, helped and designed more than 200 websites in only three days, held a panel discussion and several seminars.

Thanks to these amazing companies from Snowfire Design Community: Anders Lierud and Mattias Pettersson, Situs Media, Amanda Bäckman and Sandra Antikainen, Enestedt, Ann Lindvall, Dax communication, Mats Uneland, Whyoudoit. Thorsten Andreassen, Magic Thor, Ann Furback, Bjorn Nielsen and Dag Hammarstrom. You rock!  Do you want to join the Design Community and be a Snowfire expert in your country?