Snowfire, the web designers' secret

Many of you are reaching out and are eager to join our community. This post is written for those of you who are curious about what we do differently and are designers, marketers, or SEO experts running your own company.

Over time, we have collected the questions you most frequently ask. Below are the answers. We build freedom - join us!

The answers are primarily directed at you if you are a designer/running a marketing agency and want to join our community

Perhaps our responses can provide those of you who are curious about our community with a deeper understanding of how we think about Snowfire, or our way of building free companies together.

Why do I get more satisfied customers with Snowfire?

Snowfire has customers who have chosen to stay with us for more than 12 years. What is the secret to our customers staying with us for so long?

It's all about the freedom we've built into the system. Here, your customers can build their website, while also being able to get help from you, the web expert, whenever they need it.

This has proven to be a magical feature. Who wouldn't want to continuously improve their brand and gather more customers, benefiting from your expertise in SEO, branding, growth, and lead generation, and get help when things can't be managed in time, where you and your team can work faster?

Instead of replacing outdated themes, you simply swap out blocks to quickly update the look. This saves a lot of money for the customers and gives you as a designer time to onboard new clients who value your care and choose to stay

It is said that, I can deliver websites faster to my clients?

"In Snowfire, you always own your customer and keep track of the delivery while we collaborate.

Many in the group often say that they feel so secure when they meet customers nowadays, and it's easy to win quotes because most things can be solved. Technical support is always available to help you precisely with problem-solving and code so that you can handle all types of customers.

Here, you are never alone. There are many in the community who know a lot about a little, i.e., the possibilities around websites, and when it comes to the quote, you can easily take the quote, choose to do your passion part, and invite others in the community take over and do what they are best at.

I am a very experienced web designer/developer who likes challenges. Why should I work with you?

We know the web, and that's why many like-minded individuals are drawn to us, come join us too! More experienced minds only make our knowledge base stronger and stronger. Together we create a sustainable future, while giving each other the joy of curiously creating and testing possibilities.

We who founded Snowfire have more than 25 years of knowledge about the web and have built numerous digital platforms, from e-commerce to analytics and email apps, which gives us a solid knowledge base in this exact area.

Can I avoid technical support and plugin support for the customer and just do what I like most, like 'design', but still get a recurring customer who orders my services?

Your customer will love you for giving them freedom with an easy-to-use system that they can update themselves, with you by their side.

This fear, namely, getting your customer to stay by locking them into needing you and only you (since it's you who have put together and installed all the plugins on their website and know how everything works), you no longer need to feel

It's as simple as a satisfied customer who is growing quickly, and who will gladly seek your help with everything related to the web. They see you when they log into Snowfire and are reminded, so it's easy to get a little help when they can't manage on their own.

Perhaps you as a designer/marketer might also set up a monthly assistance for a fee, so that they continuously get help from your expertise. Many fast-growing companies are interested in this.

How does it benefit me as a designer that Snowfire is a completely Swedish-built and GDPR-compliant platform?

More and more entrepreneurs are beginning to understand the importance of choosing domestic technology when selecting a platform. For you who want more and bigger clients, this could be a wise path forward.

Larger companies and organizations have long been tasked with reviewing their systems and choosing ethical platforms where personal data and private information are not sold on.

It may be worth not placing your business in the hands of platforms built in insecure countries, keeping an eye on whether their servers are located within the EU, or whether they use untested plugins

The Snowfire platform is fundamentally designed so that your customer does not need to use cookies. Hence, If you are an SEO expert, you might still want to use Google and other tracking tools, then cookies are necessary. 

But if you, like us, feel that the future is better without certain tracking, we also have ethical partners who do similar things. Talk to us about this. These are easy to connect, and then cookies are not needed either. We know that many of our clients appreciate this because their customers in turn do not have to click away cookie banners

What makes the Snowfire platform different from larger platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.?

Having many employees is often cumbersome. For several years, we have deliberately built our structure in small units. We like the small and fast format. This allows us to test new technology solutions early on without major problems.

We are also not a system owned by investors. This gives us tremendous freedom to build technology and the future exactly the way we want.

I am used to finding and installing the right plugin. You have an 'all in one' system with websites, events, e-commerce for digital and physical purchases, course and membership platform, lead generation, and a built-in mini-CRM, isn't that a lock-in where my way of working is more free?

What is a plugin? What should this plugin do on the website you install it on?

Often, it is a platform/app with yet another admin and login that your customer needs to keep updated and often pay an extra monthly fee for.

We buy with our eyes, so does your customer. What if it’s just the “surface” that needs to be changed depending on fashion and what needs to be done? Is there a need for an entire course platform, an e-commerce platform, an event platform, etc.? Does the technology need to be redone over and over? We took a moment to think and created something entirely new that makes everything simpler.

Now, you and the customer can easily change the “surface” of the e-commerce, courses, events, yes everything that the eye sees - as simple as that. Convenient for you and inexpensive for the customer who doesn't need to change whole themes and upgrade their appearance, buy and connect new plugins when the old ones stop working.

Here, most things are kept easily upgraded by us. Both you and your customer gain greater freedom.

How can I influence what is created on Snowfire?

You, who have contact with your customer, know exactly what is needed and sense the movements in the market and what your company needs going forward.

Here, as a designer, marketing agency, or advertising agency, you have direct contact with what will be created in the future, while as an agency you speak directly with the developers of the system and your wishes are considered (along with those of other agencies) in everything that is created on Snowfire.

We are passionate about maintaining the fantastic pioneering spirit and creating joy in what we build.

Can I choose who I want to work with myself?

Yes, that is surely one of the perks that come with running your own business. You completely choose which clients you enjoy working with the most, as well as who in the community you want to collaborate with. Give yourself the privilege of being yourself!

How can you be so few, yet create so much?

For many years, we have considered what is important when creating sustainable platforms. We create systems to be used by few people.

By having this mindset and deliberately building the concept of 'few managing a lot' into our platforms over the years, we are now so well-practiced in setting up comprehensive web solutions that are designed to be easy to understand and manage for everyone who handles the systems. For us who develop the systems, it is easier to troubleshoot and find bugs.

This way of thinking permeates our everyday life as well as for you and your clients, who also get a simpler workday. It is mainly about solid structural work. As a designer, the principle of 'less is more' applies. This also holds true in reverse when it comes to programming platforms.

Why do you not employ but instead work together with others who run their own companies?

Who would you rather collaborate with when it comes to building converting websites for entrepreneurs with growing businesses? A team of employees or a group of entrepreneurs, accustomed to creating value and building companies themselves?

We believe in the energy that arises when each of us in the community gets to create exactly what they want in their own businesses. By building a platform specifically designed for these entrepreneurs and their interaction with their customers, we all create a healthier business climate.

The interaction where we all want the 'same,' i.e., to build value-creating, growing companies with clever brands, makes the understanding between developers, agencies, and clients completely optimal. Together, we drive more and more successful businesses, both our own and others!

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