Svedea's new motorcycle app warns for gravel

The Swedish insurance company Svedea has developed a web app for mobile where cyclists can see which road sections in Sweden have gravel and tip other riders by entering time, date and a message directly in Google maps. The app is built with Snowfire technology.

Selected Snowfire site launch:

Svedea takes rolling gravel seriously and wants to use this tool to create an opportunity for cyclists to help each other. Read more about the gravel fight.

The rolling gravel app is a web app and is accessible directly on all screens (mobile, iPad, computers). It also does not need to be downloaded or downloaded from any app store. Read comments and more about the app on 

Design by Anders Lierud.

Place the Gravel app directly on the home screen of your mobile

Here you can read a short instruction that shows how easy it is to add the gravel app directly to the home screen (iPhone or Android) together with your other apps so you can reach it quickly and can plan your itinerary more safely.