The horseshoe of the future

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The horseshoe of the future is applied without nails, glue, clamps and manufactured in a 3D printer. The patent publication number is 540,034.

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This is how the brand was developed

I see everything I do in pictures, says Giggi Sundler from I feel that the image expression has gained a much stronger meaning in all visual communication on the web.

The film story is the first thing a visitor sees. I want to capture the interest already on the start page. The most important I put at the top and with a clear CTA button. In this way, we can then lead the visitor further into the website to achieve the intended results. The 3-4 most important points in the brand should pop up to create interest.

As a brand builder, I want everything from image style to logos, color codes, patterns, icons and texts to give the same feeling. 

Here at Guldhov, everything from the logo to my created film story follows the feeling that I made together with the customer.

The great challenge of creating websites is that you can already pre market on the website the vision that you "will achieve" and set the goals. And the funny thing is, my customers usually do reach these goals. 


By scanning all the horse's hooves, a tailored shoe is created with a perfect fit that is unique to your particular horse. We call the shoe "The horseshoe of the future".

Right now we are in the prototype phase and we will carry out further tests to ensure quality and ensure that the shoes meet the high requirements we set. The horseshoe of the future is planned to be launched in the autumn of 2021.