The restaurant opened during the pandemic — now the brand is bigger than they are

Erik Isaksson and Pierre Gustavsson opened Restaurant Signatur in the spring of 2020. It all started in the toughest of times, and now the restaurant is basically always fully booked. What is their recipe for success?

Selected Snowfire website:

Well-thought-out website

Giggi Sundler at Becc Design Studio, who refined Restaurant Signatur’s website and brand says,

“When I met Pierre and Erik, they already had a clear logo and a landing page. But for me, a well-thought-out website is one of the most important features of a business. If you want to build a strong brand, you need a broader platform.

I usually compare visitors with parachutists. If you build a regular website, you have a small cross to land on. Here, we think bigger and you get a whole football field that you can land on. We create a larger meeting area.”

How to create a strong brand?

Gigi continues,
“It's about Pierre and Erik. To build a strong brand is to tell their story and follow their visions. They want to be one of the absolute best casual dining restaurants in Scandinavia with a high level of service.”

Why is the website important?

“The website is the place where you show your values. It's a feeling, an experience. What you see on the website is what you will encounter when you then enter the restaurant. For me, the images and the understanding of these are crucial. The images have such incredible power. The texts then strengthen the image.

On Restaurant Signatur's website, the film on the start page tells the restaurant's story. In Pierre and Erik's case, it's mise en place; everything should be prepared for the evening and the prep is the most important thing in the kitchen. We follow it in our story. The movie on the home page changes character while you as a visitor watch. You go in when it's bright, stop in the kitchen and when you come out it's evening, music and atmosphere. Dusk to dawn.

I like it stripped down and to keep it clean, while I always like to add a little humor to the website itself. I have noticed that a happy tone makes visitors stay longer on the website,” says Giggi.

“I have worked with two different fonts: a Serif, Libre Caslon Display, in headlines, and a Sans Serif, Montserrat, in the body text. The reason is that I want to make the headings clear against the body text and in harmony with their font in the logo. This makes it easier for those who enter the site to find the right one, and I guide them on the way forward. In Snowfire, it is easy to test yourself with different fonts. It is such a strength that the fonts are so integrated.”

The website is updated continuously

“It was also important to make the website really accessible. Properly designed, the website is a living space that the restaurant staff, themselves, keep updated. This is where their guests book, and here is everything a visitor needs to know. It makes it easier for the staff on site in the restaurant.”

The website must work on all digital devices

“We collaborate in the Snowfire Design Community, so I have had experts from Beegleton and Digital Guidance who have helped in parts. I work with the absolute best. When it comes to photos, it is photographer Tobias Fischer who has filmed and taken pictures of the raw material for the website. This means that we have the same tone in all images and everything is connected.”

You built the website in Snowfire Magnet?

“Yes, I want those who own the site to be able to easily change the site and feel involved. It is a living workplace. The customer owns the website, not me as a designer.”

Feeling at home on the website

Pierre says, “We were very humble when we started. I thought a website was just a website. Without Giggi, this would not have happened. Giggi guided us, wrote the script and took us to the next level. As a person, he is very genuine and genuine when he works. He just put the feeling of home on the website that the restaurant wants to convey in place.

I love the movie, the story, everything. Now we build up a hype and a whole of drink, food, entertainment even before you get to the restaurant.

We have received such a nice response from our guests. The website makes it easy to book, and everything you need to know — special diets, opening hours, troubadours, wine list ... — yes, really everything is on the website, so we save so much time.

People want to come and hang out with us. We wear hoodies when we work. It became such a hype and everyone wanted our hoodies, so now we have also opened a webshop.”