The Snowfire song

We are so thrilled and amazed at Snowfire HQ. One of our customers that run their business on our platform has kindly made us our own song - just like that. He interviewed a few of the agencies in the community to set the tone.

We are happy and feel so humble. Tony Hartley  đŸ€©. is in our technical sphere a guru and one of these tech-savvies that disrupt and challenge how things is done.

Lyssna pÄ lÄten hÀr

This is Tony's own words about why and how he made The Snowfire song:


The words I worked with were: playful, happy, unbelievable, fast (explosive), pretty. The people at the company are happy and helpful, the system is fast, playful and amazing, the results are unbelievable, fast (explosive) and pretty. 

Explosive (fast) become fire in snowfire hence '(snow)fire in the hole', which is something that is shouted to warn people that there is an explosion about to happen.


The main theme is based on four chords, each note is exactly on the root notes of each chord, this create a pretty melody, it's played using varying speed and syncopation, which creates a feeling of playfulness. Unbelievable is connected to the spelling of the word snowfire, unbelievable is inverted by telling the listener to 'say it' and 'believe'. The main bridge of the song (where snowfire is spelt), is a 'drop', this is designed to lower the energy of the listener and create focus. At the end of the bridge there is a 'lift' (at 'snowfire in the hull') this raises the energy of the song again for the finale.

Technical info:

Total tracks 223 
Drum tracks 9 
Synth tracks (bass / lead) 
2 vocal tracks
1 'speak and spell' toy (from texas instruments 1978)
1 vocoder track that says 'snowfire' the beginning
1 siren track1 reverb return track
1 filter track from bass synth in bride
1 buss compressor track
1 mastering track recorded with focusrite red (ffred) 
Liquid saffire 56 channel recorder at 96khz
Synths used: roland d550 - basses
Korg triton moss - basses 
Access virus a  - lead
Micro korg mini - filter lead
Speak and spell - spelling and believe 
Software: ableton live 9 suite pro collection, sony sound forge
Composition: midi

Tony Hartley

Tony is a visionary with a passion for innovative technologies. Tony is the inventor of MoSync & Mophun and co-founder of Imagimob, MoSync, Synergenix and Red Jade and has developed more than 25 commercial games. Tony studied for a BA in Computer Science and Electronics.