The winners of the Swedish Gold mobile Awards 2015

The final winners in the Swedish Mobile Awards 2015 have now been announced, and we’re delighted as a partner to the event to present the complete list! 

Winners 2015

Company of the year

iZettle – With an unprecedented growth rate, this Swedish unicorn legend has shaken the global fintech industry and opened completely new markets for merchants around the world.

Swedish design export of the year

Happy Plugs – A forerunner in Swedish mobile design that has taken product packaging to a whole new level, marrying tech and fashion and showing impressive growth rates.

Developer of the year

Happy Plugs – Diversity and team spirit has taken this design driven agency to world recognition among leading brands and mobile innovators across the globe.

Startup of the year

Shortcut Labs – Everything you point at, can now be yours – thanks to these Kickstarter legendaries, who managed to build an impressive customer stock long before launch.

Innovation of the year

Shortcut Labs– This tech innovation has taken human machine interaction to a whole new level.

M-health of the year

Trice Imaging – This game changer in M-health re-defines the preconditions for human existence … and saves lives!

Internet of things – enterprise of the year

Scania – This pioneer in fleet management delivers customer value ahead of the competition and propels sustainable shipping solutions.

Internet of things – solution of the year

Telia Sense – A collaborative solution for market players that takes the existing car pool online and makes driving safer at the same time.

Internet of things – platform of the year

Infracontrol – This is intelligent infrastructure, reborn – making everyday city life simpler and smarter for the many.

Innovative city of the year

Infracontrol – Through an array of open data initiatives and a dedicated dialogue with the citizens, this city has yet again raised the bar for innovation.

Fintech of the year

Swish – This consumer oriented service has gained an unbelievable amount of traction since it’s launch and is now aiming for the retail market, proving innovation can happen also in traditional banking.

Mobile marketing of the year

BabyShop – This player has re-defined the customer journey of the mobile shopper, providing a model solution with impressive conversion rates.

Media service of the year

Omni – By dedicated packaging for the mobile channel, this innovative player has proven exponential growth in a challenging media landscape.

Mobile for good 2015

Funder – This acclaimed startup helps charities and supporters to raise funds, changing life on the planet to the better.

Mobilized company of the year

Max Hamburgerrestauranger – This market innovator slashed the physical point-of-sales interaction through dedicated digital thinking, leading to shorter queues, happier cutomers and increased sales.

Operator of the year – business

Tele2 – Tele2 has sucessfully managed to add customer value both by securing end to end delivery but has also manage to convince customers that there are business opportunities in IOT, M2M and other future telecom solutions.

The Swedish Mobile Awards have taken place since 2001. They have since then rewarded many of Sweden's greatest industry players, startups and tech exports such as Skype, Soundcloud, TrueCaller and Zound Industries before their earliest claim to fame.

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