The world's best designer

We are many who make websites for our customers, but have you ever thought about what type of designer you are, what you like to do and what effect this has on whether you can help your customer in the right way? When an Entrepreneur asks a designer for help, they often want you to:

  • Create an easy-to-navigate web page that everyone understands
  • Create a strong digital brand in shape and color
  • Create a graphically strong logo that everyone remembers
  • Increase the conversion rate and get more visitors to the website
  • Put memorable texts that you keep updated over time
  • Draw illustrative feeds on how their app, service or company works
  • Take memorable photos that enhance the brand
  • Set up a blog and post recurring posts
  • Spread awareness of the brand on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Set up an e-commerce and charges
  • Create an event with ticket sales
  • Record instructional videos, rig podcasts
  • Remove all dead links, keeps track of loading times, responsive views
  • Keep track of search engine optimization (SEO) and create well-formulated short meta texts
  • Manage Google Ads and get even more visitors
  • Code a tailor-made website with the latest of everything

We are all designers, but most of us only meet some of the criteria above.

We have for a long time let professional titles guide the experience of who we are. We are Art Directors, Designers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Ux Designers, Frontend Developers, Print Designers, and more. Now in our digital age, when everyone is, in one way or another, drawn into the web hub around the companies we help, the stereotypical titles no longer fit. Do we have to do everything or can we choose?

Keep a website up to date

Let me return to the basic question — when you work with design, do you always do what you like best?
What would happen if you could concentrate on what you are, that is, the part that you just like and draws you into a flow that creates meaning in your life, day after day? What would happen if you simultaneously let go of your customers' technology support—would it give you more time to be creative?

Work with your customer

We at Snowfire Designcommunity have for several years explored how we can create the living space where design Entrepreneurs can coexist, grow, and make good money by
helping their customers where everyone earns, and grows in knowledge and company. On the Snowfire platform, we have created a driving force for new development on the web.

Be yourself and be found by those who need you

We bring together Design Entrepreneurs who know their profession, and between us there are natural exchanges from doer to doer. We are many designers who already avoid the stress of chasing revenue per hour. Here are leads that we get into the community and here leads are shared between each other. If someone has a customer, there are several Entrepreneurs who with their expert knowledge can be invited and help.

We all grow in both knowledge and turnover. We feel better and yes, that's when we get time to think creatively and create better solutions for our customers.

An ethical cycle that makes the soul feel good

Something happens when passion-driven Entrepreneurs meet passion-driven Designers and Marketers. We all move in the same direction, and we are all driven by creating visibility on the web. In this group, we care about our customers' brands and integrity, and together we want to run good business practices on the web.

We are extremely proud of our professional skills and the freedom we have created for each other and our customers. We believe that the most important thing we humans can give to each other is a sense of meaning and freedom to be ourselves.

Join the design community

We are looking for more people who want to share this freedom with us. Are you a wise fellow human being who shares our lifestyle, is a communicator or builder of websites?

Read more and join our Design community.