With passion for design

Good design is neither fluff nor something to be “sprinkled on top”. Good design in a web page can be the difference between being seen and being one of the crowd.

During the years I have worked as a designer I have met many different customers who have been susceptible to “design” in different ways. Design can sometimes be seen as decoration or meaningless. Unnecessary embellishment without any real value. 

There are also those who recognise the value of design and who are savvy enough to design themselves, perhaps a logo, or who have a niece or a finance manager who “was good at painting at school” and who is given the task of helping out. In many cases people turn to their nearest and dearest, friends and acquaintances to provide critical advice or to act as test panels for self-designed brochures or websites. The result of which can be to miss out on important feedback and opinions.

Good design creates recognition, strong brands and competitive advantage

Creating good design requires experience and knowledge of the target group for whom the design is intended. Being responsive and sacrificing personal preference and taste in order to find the right expression is the A to Z of successful profile investment.

Design is much more than colour and form. It also has to do with content, space, flow and structure. With the help of design one can create experiences, spread relevant information and pave the way for new customers. Moreover good design generally leads to more business, satisfied employees and increased profits. Design is in many cases as important for a company as dynamic sales and financial planning.

As a designer you must be honest with your client even if this means advising them to create the new instead of holding on to the old which feels established and safe. Before an assignment one needs to carry out a basic analysis of the market, conditions and not least demand. From a designer’s point of view whether a company is large or small, new or old is of lesser importance. It is the creation of a website or logo that the client adopts and proudly supports that makes the designer happy. Or when you, through your design, give a business owner new energy and strength to increase their sales.

That is what drives me in my passion for design.

Photo: Ryan McGuire

 Anders Lierud, at Stockholm based Trent, is driven by creating simply good design and delivering quality rather than quantity. He has worked as a designer since 1998 with both print and digital media and with customers from both Sweden and abroad. Today Anders works primarily creating smart websites and designing logos.