Build a website - 6 unbeatable tricks to get more customers

6 steps that make your website work for you! Learn the cycle that makes your website a business hub and gives you more customers. It's so easy when you know how.

1. Design a profile that makes you unique

Find the unique with your product, service and company to create a brand that you remember in color and shape and that characterizes your company. This applies to everything from logotype to tonality. It costs in the start-up phase, but this is exactly what sets your company apart from the network.

2. Choose an all-in-one web platform

Create a living website where your whole team can work together and keep pages updated. Change the order of the blocks and optimize for your target group 

3. Place Call-to-action (CTA) buttons in several places

With a well designed structure you guide visitors through your website. Place buttons or forms high on the page that make it easy to become a member, get in touch, sign up for a newsletter or read more about the unique benefits of your particular business.

4. Share your knowledge with your target group

Regularly share your knowledge. The target group sees the value of what you offer and the value of being your customer. Easily create multiple blogs, set up and sell courses or share knowledge in social media directly from your "all-in-on" website platform.

5. Choose a website solution with built-in SEO

Add selling metadata to each individual page. It is the most effective way to be visible in Google search and can quickly impact the volume of visitors to the website.

6. Collect email addresses directly in the website

The website is the company's digital business hub. Save email addresses in lists and send out recurring newsletters directly from Snowfire. If it is possible to get an overview of activity in real time and write down notes about each customer that’s a huge plus!

6 steps that make your website a winner

With several thousand websites created in Snowfire, it is easy to see connections and understand the simple but ingenious building blocks that are needed for your particular website to be ranked higher in SEO and found more easily by your intended customers.

Nothing happens overnight, but follow the steps above and we can guarantee that you grow faster. Many of our fantastic customers agree!

Feel free to try our service and build your website using Snowfire for free! (we do not save your or sell your data)

Have you started following the six steps above? Congratulations🏆 The cycle that makes your website a sharp business hub is underway. 

  • Build new pages, change and update the page often and follow the interests of the target group
  • Send out newsletters, blog, hold courses
  • Collect curious visitors to your website with block CTA buttons and forms
  • Collect all email addresses in flexible newsletter lists
  • Resend newsletters in a rolling and recurring feed i.e automated customer journeys