Create a modern website

  1. Click and drag ready-made Call-to-Action blocks designed by pros
  2. Get an overview - Choose profile and font in one place, all blocks change
  3. More leads - Set texts, insert images, and build converting forms

Free to try. Watch the video and get started (5 min)

We removed the hassle. You no longer need to:

  • Get stuck in an outdated website look
  • Struggle with handling and updating countless plugins/apps
  • Feel locked in by only a few people being able to update the website

Craft your unique style with customizable design blocks

Build your page with designed blocks that convert. Choose from hundreds of blocks and create your Event, Webshop, or blog in just minutes.

Create forms that attract new customers with our powerful engine

Build loads of different types of forms with drag 'n' drop. Easily click and swap forms in CTA blocks. Create lists and automate the flow.

A website with a design system

Complete control over the brand and company profile. Change fonts, colors, and appearance in one place. Does a block need its own design? No problem.

Who's been tinkering with what?

As your team works together on the platform, all your texts are neatly version-controlled. Keep tabs on who tweaked what and when they did it. Effortlessly hop back to a previous version if needed.

Choose from thousands of fonts

Choose from over 1000 font families. Just click and insert. Adjust line spacing, letter spacing, and fine-tune the texts.

Look fab on social media

Craft blogs and write posts. Pick and upload the perfect image to go with your post when it's shared on social media (Open Graph Image) and reel in visitors to your website.

Auto image magic

The system finds the coolest part of the pic. Jump in and tweak the final bits by adjusting the crop too. It squishes and optimizes everything to WebP.

Get found easier on Google with built-in SEO tools

Add your own summary to each page and boost visibility. See right away how Google displays your search result. Tweak and adjust over time.