Sell from the entire website:

  1. Add/create a button block anywhere on your website
  2. Choose whether it's a direct purchase or through the checkout
  3. Accept one-time or recurring payments via Swish, card, Autogiro or invoice

Free to try. Watch the video and get started (5 min)

Sell whatever you want

  • Sell your music, gift cards, e-books
  • Sell tickets to your events
  • Receive membership fees annually/monthly
  • Sell subscriptions to your service
  • Sell courses

Sell however you want

  • Sell from anywhere on your website
  • Add custom-designed blocks anywhere on the page
  • Create your own online store appearance
  • Let each page have its own call-to-action

Follow up and sell more 

  • Collect your leads in lists
  • Track version history
  • Leave notes for the team
  • Send targeted newsletters
  • Set up automated customer journeys
  • Start customer clubs

Product with digital delivery

Sales of e-books, PDFs, audio files etc. where a link is sent via email or downloaded from your website.


For selling a service that your customers subscribe to or a product that is sent recurrently.

Product with physical delivery

Sell books, shampoo, clothes, etc. with delivery within Sweden.


Selling courses with course sections and personalized login.


Sell tickets to events (both physical and digital) where customers can choose from multiple ticket types, discounts, and more.


If you are running an association or community and want to sell memberships that can be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly with the freedom to choose the start date.