Are you designing websites for clients?

The Snowfire Design community consists of agencies driven by ethical values and daring to think new. Simplify your workday with our all-in-one Snowfire Magnet platform. We share knowledge and wealth in a more compassionate business model.

Unique benefits

  • It costs nada, nichts, nothing to join the community 👊
  • Create your own passive income
  • Have your own website for free
  • Build quality web pages super fast
  • Have unlimited pages in development mode
  • Delegate your customers’ technical support
  • Grow in a design community

This is how it works

  • Use your unique code when creating websites 
  • When launching the website, invite customers, fill in billing information and connect a domain 
  • We can help you move a domain from a previous provider
  • "We got your back"—chat directly with our developers (also code in Firecode)

Work all-in-one

Snowfire Magnet is the ultimate platform if you are the designer, developer or marketing strategist of your own company. Building and maintaining your customers' websites has never been easier. Drag and drop with pre-designed blocks and customise unique pages. Like a Swiss army knife, you have websites, payments and contacts directly on the platform.

Passive income, avoid technical support

Concentrate on what you are good at and avoid all tedious technical support—we take care of that for you directly on the platform. Can it get better? Yes, it can! For every Snowfire site you launch, you get recurring payments. Many of us with several sites have a recurring income and feel free to work as we want and with the clients we deserve.

Satisfied customers

Not only you but your customers also get more freedom from Snowfire Magnet, where they can easily edit their websites themselves (you still get paid every month). Highlight your more valuable services in strategy, design and SEO. How much happier can your customers get when you have more time to give them better service?

We grow Entrepreneur-Europe

With our collective knowledge, we grow our clients' companies on the web while growing our agencies. Follow your passion, be yourself and run your own agency, and at the same time, be part of something greater than yourself. With our compassionate and ethical thinking, we have created a new business model for how skilled entrepreneurs work together. 

When you want to customize everything—Firecode!

Do you want to code and be in control of all the details? We have thought of you—no need to start from scratch. Here you can create anything you want with HTML, CSS and JS. Build your own blocks, or copy and modify existing blocks, to create wickedly clever solutions for yourself, your agency's clients, or other agencies' clients in the community.

Snowfire STAR

Get certified as a Snowfire STAR and get better visibility among our amazing customers in Snowfire Magnet. The leads we get via are distributed to STARs. Attend exclusive events and webinars, and join our annual 'Designers Unite' event in Portugal.

Apply to become a STAR when you have more than ten active Snowfire websites.

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