How Snowfire works

Read about the features that have made the Snowfire platform unique and so beloved by our designers and customers.

Always fresh and clean

Design your website & choose from a wide variety of beautiful designer-made blocks. It's a new visual centered way to build websites, events and e-shops. 

Pimp your blocks

All blocks are completely customizable and intuitive. Set a background image, add color to contrast, experiment with fonts, drag’n’drop to reposition and so much more.

A feeling for fonts

The best designer tip.
Convey your company's graphic tone by choosing fonts & colors. In Snowfire you can easily update the design of all your blocks at once - creating a coherent & trustworthy website. Of course, you can also edit specific blocks one at a time. 

Build inviting forms

Create unique forms that collect key information to help you build relationships.

Design yourself unique

Our designers are our secret weapon. Invite them to collaborate. They will create your own unique and specialized blocks, making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Smarter images

Our image processing system identifies the most interesting part of your image and will crop appropriately. You can also fine-tune and edit manually to get it just right.

A beautifully custom made website

Design is not only how something looks. It is the whole experience with your brand.

We strongly believe that you need to look good to make a stunning first impression. And that you need to enhance your design over time. We have the tools to tell your story and build trust. This is the Snowfire way to convert visitors into customers.