Snowfire Magnet all-in-one

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For those of you who want to grow your business without hassle. Swedish, safe and with the latest the web can offer

Website builder
Product sales
Sell events, tickets 
Sell courses, videos
10 bloggs
3 Landing pages
3 Language pages
Lead generation
Form builder
> 40 designed blocks 
Built-in support*

Value: €35/month
Value: €99/month
Value: €67/month
Value: €87/month
Value: €99/month
Value: €105/month
Value: €29/month
Value: €71/month
Value: €28/month
Value: €57/month
Value: Priceless

Total value: €677/month

Try Snowfire for free for 30 days. We don't save any data.
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For those of you who just started. Acquire more customers with a website that is easily kept up to date —anyone can do it. Get more leads with clever forms and CTA blocks.


Everything that is in Base, but it adds a mini CRM. See customer activity in real-time, collect leads in lists, follow up on your visitors, write notes and take care of your customers.

Pay annually (save 15%)

* Talk to the platform builders. All with +10 years of experience
** Pay per campaign or subscribe. View alternatives.

Website — a workplace for your entire team

Designed ready-made drag and drop blocks to add

Visual editor to change content on your website

Publish on your own domain

Create a blog and share it on social media

Drag and drop form builder

Number of subpages


Version management of text

5 versions
50 versions
200 versions

General design with fonts, colors and buttons, or design each block

Image management (point of interest, compression, WebP)

Built-in support*

SEO, meta tags and discoverability

Firecode: Build your own blocks, or copy and modify existing blocks with HTM/CSS/JS


Connect — collect leads and turn them into customers

Mini CRM: Add contacts in lists and follow up

Team activity in real time

Magnet tracker— keep track of customer activity in real time

Search engine for all website content

Ability to export lists and members to Excel 

Ability to create multiple blogs


Multi-language website


Custom landing pages on custom domains


Integration API

Commerce — sell anywhere on the home page

Accept payments anywhere on your website (buttons, text, images)

Digital product sales (tickets, courses, e-books)

Subscription and membership (monthly/half-yearly/yearly) sales

Physical product sales

Multi-currency support (EUR, USD, SEK, NOK, DKK)

Product sales with multiple payment options (Card, Invoice, Direct Debit, Swish

Excel reports and analytics

Dashboard revenue overview (MRR, activities)


Frequently asked questions and answers
about the Snowfire Magnet platform.

Web pages in Snowfire Magnet

What happens after my 30-day trial?

After the trial period, you will receive an email where you can choose between three options:

  1. Choose a subscription and launch your site with us.
  2. Email us and get one (or more) new test periods because you're not quite done yet and want more time.
  3. If you do none of the above, your trial account will be terminated and your data will be deleted. We do not save any personal data.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied

We have a satisfaction guarantee and you get your money back if you are not satisfied after the first month.

How do I pay?

You can pay monthly, semi-annually or annually via card, invoice or Swish.

Is my site search optimized?

We've built the entire Snowfire platform with SEO in mind, and we're constantly changing the platform to stay ahead of the curve here.

You and your team can set up each unique page yourself and add words/phrases/elements of text, that make you rank higher and become more visible in your industry. You can also ask one of our agencies to help with increased visibility.

Do I have a commitment period?

We have no lock-in periods, and you can terminate your Snowfire account with us whenever you want.

What if I need a website in several languages?

For the best SEO strategy, we recommend that you set up a language account per language through us. Setting “flags” in the menu for all your language accounts is included, and we will help you with this completely free of charge.

Can I move my site to you without losing link power?

Of course, you have to move the link power with you. Snowfire has a system where you can easily move links over to us via redirects.

How can I set up an email to my website?

Here, we recommend the additional service Google Workspace for € 5.20 per user per month. Then you get a complete company package that is always kept up to date. You can set up Google Workspace yourself and create different email addresses with, for example,

If you would rather get help doing this, there are several in the design community who will do this for you.

You can also choose to set up an "alias" via us. Here, you can have up to three different e-mail addresses (e.g., for €25/year. Get in touch via when your domain has gone live with Snowfire.

What if I have Snowfire Classic today and want to switch to Magnet?

If you have Classic today and want to switch, you can, if you wish, remain on the subscription you have today as a thank you for being a loyal customer.

Classic and Magnet are completely different platforms and work in slightly different ways, although there are many similarities that you will recognize.

Although Classic is kept up to date and working well, it is well worth stepping over to Snowfire's new Magnet platform, which is very powerful. Try it yourself or contact one of our agencies that will help you with the switch.

How do I close my account?

Here, you need to do one of two things for us to know that it is you as the account owner who wants to close your account.

Under the subscription tab, as the account owner, you can simply click on "terminate my account" and the account will be automatically terminated. (Note that if you have a domain through us, the domain will also be terminated automatically. So if you want to take the domain with you, we recommend that you contact support.)

You can also contact Then, we check that you are the account owner and then we close your account. Your account will be taken down and no further debits will be made


How do I reach support?

When you need help or have questions about how Snowfire works, our support team is on hand to help you. You can always reach us via the support button when logged in. Or you can email We respond as quickly as we can and usually within one working day.

Tips for quick support
Please describe in detail what you need help with. Write which subpage you are working with and, for example, what you click on / what message appears on the screen. Please send a screenshot so we can focus on solutions right away.

The support team will help you with this

Snowfire support team helps you with your questions about how to create pages, manage images, insert blocks, create forms, set up events, add products/shipping/VAT in Commerce, set up blogs, insert meta tags and add technical SEO.

The team also helps with favicon management, tracking codes for Google Analytics & Facebook, social media, logo, colors and questions about lists and subscribers to the newsletter.

We help you when you work in the system and want to fix it yourself. If, on the other hand, you want help from someone else who does things for you, we have a whole design community that will help you succeed. Read more under "Extended support for strategy & design".

Extended support for strategy & design

For you who want to convert more customers and want help with strategy and social media. Our community strategists help you build designed blocks tailored to your target audience and advise you on how to think and structure your website for maximum visibility.

Invite a designer, developer or strategist to your site who can help when you want and on your terms. We help with custom design, branding strategies, impactful email campaigns, Google & social media visibility, photo shoots, translations and much, much more.
Contact designer

Extended support for those who write their own HTML/CSS/JS

For those of you who code your own HTML/CSS/JS, you can get help from our experts and discuss code via video link. They look at your code and can solve any bugs. This is suitable for those of you who build your own solutions and create/modify your own blocks in Snowfire. Here you get help brainstorming solutions. Write to

Urgent support matters

When your website doesn't work and it's urgent, email support at You can also call our on-call support at +46-8 410 700 10. If it's a general Snowfire error, it's of course free of charge. Other urgent measures are charged. Enter Code Orange when you get in touch.


Can I buy a domain through Snowfire?

Yes, you can. To be able to buy or have a domain through us, you need an active account with Snowfire. When you have started your subscription for your account, the "domain" tab opens. Enter the domain you want, e.g., mittfö and click search. The system shows if the domain is free. Then follow the steps and the purchase will be completed.

Our price per domain tends to follow most other registrars. You can have multiple domains pointing to the same page. The advantage of having your domain with us is that we make sure that it is kept active and that your website does not go down because you forgot to pay for your domain. 

What if I have a domain that I want to use for my website?

When you have started your subscription for your account, the "domain" tab opens. Then select "Connect a domain that I already own" and follow the steps. You can choose to connect the domain yourself, but we will also help you for free if you would rather have us connect the domain for you.