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Röstbolaget's 10 years with a website on Snowfire The musician and voice teacher Ulrika Zettersten has had websites hosted on Snowfire for more than 10 years. About a year ago, she decided to enlist the help of Caisa Nyman from Ella Production to upgrade from Snowfire Classic to Snowfire Magnet, the new platform launched in 2021.Why does Ulrika choose Snowfire? And what does Caisa do? Here are the stories of Ulrika and Caisa. Selected Community
Snowfire, the web designers' secret Many of you are reaching out and are eager to join our community. This post is written for those of you who are curious about what we do differently and are designers, marketers, or SEO experts running your own company.Over time, we have collected the questions you most frequently ask. Below are the answers. We build freedom - join us! Community Growth
The winners of Snowfire Awards 2023 Meet the brothers who early on understood the potential of dropshipping a niche quality product on the web. With an updated brand and website, they are now advancing the frontline. Community
Jury member 1 – Nerdy visionary The most fun part of this job is that you're never done. You can always optimize and make it better for the customer and create added value in what you deliver. Like now in Snowfire, where forms are linked to lists and newsletters.
Jury member 2 – "Creative idea fountain with a 'we'll fix it' attitude!" I am drawn to cool design. I feel good when I can work with a creative client and be a part of Snowfire, working with other skilled designers and developers – working together and helping each other.
Jury member 3 – The Tech-savvy designer The best part of my profession is that all meetings with clients are positive. I get invited to a team in a client organization (Board, marketing department, etc.) and then it's my job to lead them into the 'new and exciting' in their company. I represent here what they long to become.
Jury member 4 – Confident storyteller The most fun part of this job is that I get to meet a lot of exciting people who are often very good at what they do, but not so good at conveying it. I help them to be clear. I like to take difficult and incomprehensible subjects and clarify them.
Jury member 5 – Unpretentious visionary and brand builder I often see the potential that the client doesn't see. This is important, if you do it wrong from the beginning, it sticks with you the day your business grows. There's too much tunnel vision in some industries. Change and look with new eyes at how others communicate and dare to try something new.
Jury member 6 – People expert who understands what clients really need The most fun part of this profession is all the people I meet. I am at my best when I have a client who is also a pro in their area, but at the same time trusts me, someone who dares to challenge me.
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