Capture leads directly on your website and:

  1. Create targeted forms for your audience
  2. View all activity on your website in real-time
  3. Follow up with effective newsletters for enhanced lead engagement

Free to try. Watch the video and get started (5 min)

We removed the hassle. You no longer need to:

  • Miss a sale because you don't see the activity
  • Pay extra for lead and CRM platforms
  • Wonder how to convert your leads, i.e. those who fill out a form or purchase something on your website

Catch all the action live

Never miss a sale again! Watch product, course, and ticket purchases or form submissions happen in real-time. Stay on top of your game!

Harness the power of our Form creator

Easily assemble diverse forms with the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature. Conveniently switch between forms in the blocks. Create curated lists and automate the flow.

Sort your leads like a pro

Create custom-named lists and tailor forms for your audience. Easily connect them to your lists and get those newsletters out to the right people. 

Set up customer journeys

Set up automated customer journeys where emails are sent out at predetermined times when someone has signed up for your service.

Take notes and keep up

Don't let leads slip away. Record key notes to foster relationships and let your team jump in and continue right where you left off.

Create newsletters and engage leads

Craft eye-catching newsletters and switch up the style anytime. With curated and ready-made lists, effortlessly reach the perfect audience with your message.

Build with designed CTA blocks

Build your page with designed blocks that convert. Choose from hundreds of blocks and create your Event, Webshop, or blog in just minutes.

Dive into insights and reports

Get your hands on MRR reports. Check out your recurring monthly income or daily earnings and spot those trends as they unfold.