Snowfire Collaboration

On Snowfire, everyone with different job titles in design, marketing, and development can collaborate simultaneously. Work smarter, not harder! You and your team can easily collaborate and track changes effectively in real-time.


You understand the value of designing websites. Build unique consistent pages with unlimited colors, fonts and formatting options using blocks the whole team can use.


You want it your way? Sure! Use pure structured code in HTML, code blocks and functions to customise your website just the way you want it.


You want to create compelling content and share it with your customers.  Change the copy and layout of landing pages and use Snowfire’s powerful SEO tools to help you reach the right people 

Snowfire simplifies your work

Graphically responsible for the entirety of the website

Put fonts and colors in one place and build pages with hundreds of combinations of blocks. Simplify for your team and choose which blocks they will then have access to. Your team builds with drag n 'drop, no more CEOs poking your design.

Design the website with code and build unique blocks

Nothing compares with a custom designed website. Code completely unique blocks with HTML, CSS, SASS or JS. With the Tailwind design system, you get structure on your code. The team can build with both the hand-built and the general blocks, an unbeatable combo.

Build landing pages with CTA blocks

We have designed the blocks for you, now it is up to you to fill these with texts and pictures. Choose and create with hundreds of combinations. Build websites super fast with blocks and create unique forms with drag n 'drop in minutes.

Editor who writes texts on the website

Keep track of all headings and text sizes in the website. Set the font, line spacing and kernt between the letters. Enter text blocks, click on the text you want to change and immediately see what the text looks like on your website as you type.

Sales with the website as a tool

Snowfire Magnet has a built-in mini-CRM. Collect email addresses and create your own bespoke customer lists. Fill in your own notes about each customer. The activity view is in real time and shows how the sale is going.

Build forms and create events

Set up delicious events with blocks for speakers and schedules. Build forms via drag n 'drop and gather webinar participants in flexible lists. If you need to sell tickets with discounts, VIP and guest lists, we have our event platform that has everything built-in.

CFO with the website as a business hub

In the Magnet Overview (Dash), you see both the activity view of the team and how the customers interact with the website. These two views can sometimes be related. More collaboration and activity can give more customers. Follow up transactions in your accounting system and simplify your working day.

Get more customers via newsletter campaigns

Set up specific landing pages with offers with forms directing customers to a "campaign list". Build newsletters, set up automatic customer journeys where newsletters are sent out at intervals and start scaling up the number of customers in your digital business hub.

Responsible for social media at the company

Connect your social media presence with the web page and increase sales. Set up blogs where you write the post, control which image is to be displayed on Facebook or Linkedin and share the post on social media. There will be a boomerang effect and visitors will be drawn from social media to the website.

Increase Traffic With SEO & Searchability

Put each page's SEO and enter tracking codes. In appearance, you see exactly what the "text ads" look like on Google and can customize. Enter ALT texts and put all the details that increase your website's rating on Google.

Build sustainable customer relationships

Follow the activity view in real time and see how your customers buy. In Magnet, you generate leads for repeat customers. Set up curated lists, automatic customer journeys, write notes and get to know your customers.

Design in Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch

Design the blocks exactly for the different screen sizes. A developer in the community (or in your workplace) encodes your block and turns on Snowfire functionality so that everyone on your team can use the block.

Thousands of websites, thousands of happy customers

We get so much positive feedback on our website. It is one of the first things we hear about from our new recruits. That they liked the website and the whole feeling that came with it. As you might guess it means the world to us.

What I really love about Snowfire is that it is so extremely easy to use. The block system is so easy to understand. Previously I've been working with WordPress, but in Snowfire I can manage everything myself without the whole system crashing, which is sometimes the case in WordPress. 

All of our team being able to work together like this is really smooth. We in the marketing department are now able to quickly make the changes ourselves. If anyone has an opinion about our copy it's an easy fix for us. 

Maximillian Bonnier, Snowfiring since 2017

You've created a really awesome service! This is the next level!

Sevve Saberi, AIK Hockey Snowfiring since 2020

I'm so happy I found @snowfire on @Eget_Foretag. I got a professional looking website, and it was a cinch to create. 20 pounds of WordPress related anxiety just disappeared in an instant.

Pia Bjärevall, Snowfiring since 2013

You have created an online store that is exactly what my customers wants.

Lillian Ljungberg, Snowfiring since 2014

I feel so secure when I'm working in Snowfire. It's a stable system in which I can trust. Working on the Webb just got so much quicker. I can just move a block around and it's so simple and user-friendly. Our team previously used WordPress, but now I no longer need to build every part myself, since you guys already thought of everything. 

The strongpoint of Snowfire lies in it's flexibility. Everything comes together as a whole with newsletters, blogposts, social media, our business cases etc. We can work together as a company, and when someone "hops in" and starts typing the work gets done fast. The platform is very inviting.

Maria Åkerström, Snowfiring since 2018

One of our associations was on Snowfire. They showed it to me and I was sold. As a student union we have a lot people involved, and many coming and going as time moves on, all needing to use the same system simultaneously. The core values of Snowfire to me is a clear layout and to have people in focus. I love talking to the support team from within the app. They understand, are forthcoming and everything is solved quickly. To me Snowfire is like a solid foundation, free to fill with everything you want and to grow along with. Simply put it's like a living system.

Oscar Wiik, Snowfirare sedan 2017

Snowfire is the supplier of our website, and we love it so much! The design is wonderful, it's easy to work with and we get fantastic support from the stars at Snowfire. We can highly recommend them 😃

Carina Sundling, Snowfiring since 2016

The Snowfire platform is so flexible and easy to work with. I appreciate that the development team sees and cares about the important details.

Jonatan Westerback, Snowfiring since 2016