Nominated Websites

The Snowfire Design Awards 2023 celebrate what designers, developers, and marketers create together. It's a seal of quality for our work in creating secure business hubs for entrepreneurs who want to attract more customers through their websites.

Jury 2023

Experts from the design community evaluate the various submissions based on the following four criteria: design experience, user-friendliness, copywriting, and target audience adaptation.

Marcus Törnell

"Nerdy visionary"

Caisa Nyman

"Creative idea fountain with a
'we'll fix it' attitude!"

Jonas Melcherson

"The Tech savvy designer"

Veronica Linarfve

"Confident storyteller"

Giggi Sundler

"Unpretentious visionary and brand builder"

Lilian Ljungberg

"People expert who understands what clients really need"

Inês Maldonado

"Graphic Designer, mother of dragons, lover of all things feminine and retro, yet totally badass"

Dag Gimleström

"Highlights what makes you unique"

Hanna Oksanen

"Versatile Designer: Crafting intuitive human-centric digital experiences"

Here's How It Works

Everyone who currently has a website on Snowfire (applies to both Classic and Magnet) can submit their own site to the competition. Designers in the design community can nominate well-built sites to the competition
(up to 3 of their own).

The Snowfire Design Awards concluded on December 31.
The winner of the Snowfire Design Awards 2023 will be announced in February 2024.

Since our first Awards in 2016, thousands of pages have been created on the Snowfire platforms, and our unique business model is increasingly being recognized and loved.